Designer Dog Beds

Finding the perfect combination of comfort for your dog and pleasing aesthetic for your home can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be!

There are a variety of designer dog beds that can provide the perfect resting spot for your dog while adding to your home decor rather than taking away from it. Designer dog beds are made in many styles so there is something to fit every style of decor.

Whether your style is clean and simple, sports fanatic, or anything else we have just the dog bed for your best friend!

For the more modern style homes an orthopaedic dog bed disguised as a faux fur rug can be the perfect fit. Or for the dog bed to go in the sports lounge, den, or a boy’s room there are options designed to support a variety of different sports such as a football, soccer or tennis! If you’re going for more of a cottage or country feel many varieties are available in a nice plaid or rustic wood frame as well.

Now that we know there is definitely a bed to fit into your home decor style lets consider the absolute most important factor – your dogs comfort! Depending on your dogs age, breed, hair coat, and comfort preferences there are many options available. Some things to consider are whether or not memory foam is a good fit for your dog and whether they would prefer a smooth fabric or a fluffier hair-like cover. A deep squishy bed may be challenging for older arthritic dogs to get out of, but one too hard may be painful on their joints as well so finding the perfect balance in between is important. The same deep squishy bed that they sink right into may however be the perfect fit for a high anxiety dog that likes to feel very securely held into their bed with the material hugging around them.

There is something for everyone so don’t be afraid to take a look and find the perfect fit for you home!

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